September and October 2020 Suspended Departures - Agent Frequently Asked Questions
Q. What should my clients do next?
A. Your client’s Future Travel Voucher has automatically been applied to their client record and so when they are ready to rebook, please contact our Reservations Team at your earliest convenience to discuss their preferred travel arrangements.
Q. What is the current situation and when do you expect to operate again?
A. We are closely monitoring the changing global situation and we continue to take guidance from government restrictions and advisories, including port and border closures. All our land tour, river and ocean cruise operations are temporarily suspended until 31st October 2020.
Q. What is a Future Travel Voucher?
A. The Future Travel Voucher provides flexibility for your clients to re-book a land tour, river or ocean cruise for travel in 2021 - 2023 as outlined in the policy applied for the date of departure for the reservation you are holding.

To provide additional flexibility your clients can choose to travel up to the following dates;

· September & October suspended departures, rebook and travel up to 31st December 2023

The Future Travel Voucher is also fully transferrable to another guest, booking or another brand within the Scenic Group (including Scenic Luxury Cruises & Tours, Scenic Eclipse and Emerald Cruises)
Q. What if clients choose not to take a Future Travel Voucher?
A. If your clients choose not to take up the option of the Future Travel Voucher, they can re-book for a future travel date or request a refund (NB see commissions below)
Q. Why is the Land Tours Future Travel Voucher Value only 100%?
A. Land tours which are operated by Scenic Group have itinerary inclusions that are provided by partners such as airlines, hotels, restaurants and coaches. Therefore, Scenic is required to recover these third party costs and we are unable to pass on any additional Future Travel Voucher credit above the 100% value for your clients booking.
Q. What if clients have an Egypt or Canada Cruise and Tour?
A. Similar to the Scenic Group land tours, the Egypt/Canada cruise component is provided by a third party partner. Thus, the Future Travel Voucher is only applicable at 100%, as we need to recover these costs.
Q. Is the Future Travel Voucher combinable with all other offers available at the time of booking?
A. Some conditions may apply to the use of your FTV and they may not be combinable with limited promotions such as early payment discount.
Q. Do Guests Still Get Scenic Loyalty Points for the suspended booking?
A. No, as guests will receive a Future Travel Voucher this is not applicable. However, upon rebooking you will accrue Scenic Status points on the selected departure once your journey has been completed.
Q. Will I earn commission on the suspended booking and the new booking?

For September and October suspensions commission will no longer be paid twice. Meaning, if you have already received commission on suspended booking (if it has been paid in full / more than 80% paid), upon re-book, additional commission will not be applicable to the rebooking.

If commission hasn’t been received on suspended booking (as it was less than 80% paid), commission will be earned on the new booking only as per standard commission rules.
NB. If your customers do not accept the Future Travel Voucher or rebook, and instead opt for a full refund, commission will NOT be payable.

Q. How can I view clients Future Travel Voucher amount or get an updated booking advice without calling reservations?
A. Scenic will send you an updated booking advice to confirm clients total future travel voucher value within 7 business days of receiving your booking suspension notification. If you do not receive your booking advice within this timeframe, you can access via ExpressBook.

If you require an updated booking advice showing the Future Travel Voucher for any prior suspensions, please contact our Reservations team.
Q. Can clients extend final payment? (All departures and all destinations that have not been suspended)
A. Yes, we understand your clients concerns around payment final payment in the current environment. Please contact our reservations team to request a final payment extension review.
Q. What are your on board safety and health protocols?
A. Scenic will ensure that we adhere to the highest of hygiene and cleaning protocol on all ships and all tours when operating. Thorough cleaning will be conducted regularly, and hand sanitisers are located throughout the ship to ensure the highest level of personal hygiene and safety whilst on board.
Q. What if my customer opts for an FTV and doesn’t use it to rebook by the 31st December 2023?
A. We feel this time period gives the customers ample time to rearrange their cruise and rebook. FTV’s are no longer refundable so they need to rebook by the expiry date.
We appreciate that the situation is constantly evolving, and it can be quite overwhelming. We will continue to update you and your valued clients as much as possible through our Scenic hub and website. If you have any further questions, please contact our Reservations Centre. We appreciate your patience as there may be delays due to the higher volume of calls than usual.