Few things personify Germany quite like the Rhine, flowing through some of the most beautiful, historic and quintessentially German stretches of the country. Passing medieval castles and fairy tale villages, the Rhine cuts a course which is a world away from the modern mega city, Munich, or the fashionable centre of Berlin.

And here in the heart of the Rhineland, we can trace the origins of much of Germany’s culinary heritage. Hearty feasts and decadent desserts are found in abundance as you navigate the meandering flow of the Rhine, thanks to unique agricultural practices and geographical features which have long provided the region with incredible ingredients to create the dishes for which Germany is celebrated. During an Emerald Waterways cruise, our guests are given the chance to sample the delicacies of the regions we navigate, during the extensive port calls or direct from our skilled kitchen team.

At Emerald Waterways, our journey planners are tasked with discovering the best and brightest of the local culture found surrounding the waterways our fleet follows. And much of the culture and traditions of the Rhine region of Germany is centred around food, with villages gathering for local feasts and celebrating their native fare. So, to celebrate the culture of the region, we are taking you on a little tour to discover the Rhine in five wonderful recipes.  

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