It was all happening in Vienna last night as its fifth annual Vienna Fashion Night event took place. Causing a particular stir was this year’s special guest, former Baywatch actress Pamela Anderson, who follows in the footsteps of Poppy Delevingne who held the honour last year.

Those in Vienna on river cruises will have found it difficult to ignore the buzz in the atmosphere in the Austrian capital as fashionistas gathered for the most important event in the Viennese fashion calendar.

‘Strongest animal laws in Europe’

The animal-rights activist and actress tweeted of her main intent for the role, to persuade more designers to give up using fur in their designs. The actress, who’s Twitter profile picture takes the form of the word ‘fur’ in a no symbol, tweeted ahead of her arrival to say that she was looking forward to Vienna Fashion Night and hoped to continue ‘spreading the word’ on animal rights in fashion. Instead of ‘making a scene’ Anderson hoped to dissuade the designers from using fur in future designs by writing a letter.

The event is immensely popular each year, seeing around 10,000 guests in attendance, with over 80 shops participating in the occasion. Those looking to book a Europe river cruise next year might want to consider booking for June to make the most of the event and be in with a chance of meeting the famous people it attracts.

Vienna Fashion Night hopes to improve yet again on this year’s offering when it returns next year with another special guest and more charity donations. The event focuses on three elements: shopping, party and charity. The Fashion Night secured a Charity Bag of 10,000 euros for DEBRA Austria, an organisation that supports people living with Epidermolysis Bullosa, a condition that makes their skin as fragile as a butterfly’s wings, hence the affectionate term ‘Butterfly Children’.

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