To immerse you further in local history and culture, we also offer optional DiscoverMORE experiences

From our elegant Star-Ships to our inclusive EmeraldPLUS and EmeraldACTIVE events, every aspect of an Emerald Waterways river cruise is designed to bring you closer to the heart of local life, discovering hidden gems and rare insights that go beyond ordinary travel encounters. And now, to help you immerse further in local history and culture, we’re proud to introduce DiscoverMORE – a collection of special events that invite you to delve deep into the wonders of Europe. 
For those who want to experience more of the continent’s rich cultural tapestry, DiscoverMORE provides in-depth excursions which complement those provided by EmeraldPLUS and EmeraldACTIVE. These optional events can either be booked before you go or while you’re on-board. Look out for details of the DiscoverMORE options available on each of our detailed river cruise itineraries.

Here we pick a few DiscoverMORE excursions available with Emerald Waterways. Please note, our DiscoverMORE optional tours are available at an additional cost.

DiscoverMORE on the Danube

The culture-rich swathe of the Danube lends itself perfectly to DiscoverMORE excursions.
Savour the music of Mozart and Strauss with an exclusive Viennese concert 
Vienna’s inimitable Palais Liechtenstein is the setting for this unforgettable DiscoverMORE encounter, where you can enjoy a classical performance of Mozart and Strauss, glass of Austrian Sekt in hand. This exquisite Viennese palace, with its elegant Baroque façade and rococo interior, is the ideal backdrop for this enchanting concert, seemingly transporting you back to a bygone era. With the doors closed to the public, your exclusive evening of entertainment begins – the perfect end to another wonderful day on the Danube.

Enjoy this DiscoverMORE excursion as part of our signature Danube Delights River Cruise.
Visit the iconic Austrian city of Salzburg
Birthplace of Mozart, setting for The Sound of Music, and one of the best-preserved city centres north of the Alps; Salzburg has a near-boundless list of attributes, and now you can enjoy the delights of this alpine gem during a special DiscoverMORE excursion. From the towering Hohensalzburg Castle and Mozart’s birthplace to Hellbrunn Palace, Nonnberg Abbey and Salzburg Residenz, a guided tour will introduce the city’s main highlights before offering free-time to explore the city at your leisure – might we suggest a pfiff of fine Austrian beer in one of Salzburg’s charming old taverns?

Step into the charm of this DiscoverMORE excursion on our Splendours of Europe and Prague River Cruise

DiscoverMORE on the Main

The myriad of beautiful little villages provide ample opportunity to explore further and delve deeper into the enigmatic history and heritage of life on the Main.
Part of Germany’s illustrious Romantic Road, typified by sleepy villages and medieval settlements, Rothenburg provides wonderful insight into the timeless beauty of Bavarian Germany. The name Rothenburg literally translates to ‘Red Fortress’ and it is easy to see why with the red roofing of the half-timber houses. With DiscoverMORE, you’ll be given chance to explore Rothenburg, which has been hailed as ‘the most German of German towns’.
Cross the Romantic Road into Rothenburg
a crowd of people

DiscoverMORE on the Rhine

Culture and heritage abound on the Rhine, with ancient German villages and beautiful gothic structures yours to explore.
Of all the fairy tale castles which dot the Rhineland, Schloss Drachenburg is among the most beautiful. Perched on a slender spit of limestone high above the city of Bonn and its surrounding forests, this 19th-century castle-cum-villa is built in a momentous palace-style, with turrets, towers and spires adding to its grandeur. Visit the castle as part of a private DiscoverMORE tour, and marvel at its exquisite profile during a guided tour with a local expert.
Be inspired by the striking Ehrenbreitstein Fortress
DiscoverMORE: Drachenburg, Germany
Occupying a favourable position on the confluence of the Rhine and Moselle, Ehrenbreitstein Fortress is as powerful as it is inspiring. With DiscoverMORE, you can tour this extensive fortress’ site, which has been home to fortifications for close to 3,000 years. The fortress has a long and storied past, having withstood sieges by Louis the Great in the 17th century and providing a home to one of Christianity’s most sacred objects – the seamless robe of Jesus. Ehrenbreitstein Fortress still proudly wears the scars of its turbulent history for you to see, today.
Take part in this DiscoverMORE experience on our Classic Rhine river cruise.

DiscoverMORE on the Rhône

Head into France’s storied past, or the region’s glitzy cities with a DiscoverMORE excursion along the Rhône.
With DiscoverMORE, you’re free to revel in the awe-inspiring wonder of Pont du Gard, the highest of all Roman-built aqueducts. A striking example of Roman engineering, the Pont du Gard stretches powerfully across the Gardon River. Built in the 1st century, the structure remains solid to this day, a testament to the precision and skill of Roman engineers, despite the simplicity of the technology they used. 

Enjoy this DiscoverMORE excursion as part of our Sensations of Lyon & Provence river cruise.
Delight in the magnificence of the Pont du Gard
a close up of Pont du Gard
Explore the Elegant City of Cannes
With DiscoverMORE, you’ll have the option to delight in one of the finest resort towns of the French Riviera, Cannes. Renowned for its luxury hotels, restaurants and A-lister visitors – Cannes provides a wonderful day of exploration. Whether you’re keen to head to Boulevard de la Croisette and enjoy the waterfront views, or indulge in a little retail therapy; Cannes will provide a daytrip worthy of the rich and famous.

DiscoverMORE on the Douro

Life seems to exist at a slower pace on the banks of the Douro, making it the perfect place for a little extra cultural exploration.
Discover the Baroque Masterpiece of Mateus Palace
DiscoverMORE: Mateus Palace, Portugal
Nestled in landscaped grounds amid the spectacular Douro Valley World Heritage Site is Mateus Palace, a wonderful country retreat which stands as one of the finest examples of Baroque civil architecture in Portugal. DiscoverMORE invites you to explore Casa de Mateus inside and out, from its intricately carved 18th-century wooden ceilings to its collection of artworks, silverware and ceramics. Amongst the highlights of this wonderful excursion are the palace’s beautiful gardens, which offer the perfect place for a relaxing stroll beneath the warm Portuguese sun.

Explore Mateus Palace with a DiscoverMORE excursion on our Secrets of the Douro River Cruise.
Head into Portugal’s Sintra Mountains
Just west of Lisbon is the popular resort town of Sintra, sitting in the foothills of the mountain range of the same name. Boasting amazing views over the flatlands of Portugal and a selection of grand 19th-century buildings, Sintra provides a romantic marriage of natural beauty and whimsical architecture.