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Grape Expectations

Grape Expectations

Daniel Paun, Restaurant Bar Manager on the Emerald Sun, shared the secrets of the line's superb cellar.

With our inclusive wine selection, we feature a variety of regional wines from areas visited by the Emerald Sun (and all our ships), as well as options from famous European wine regions, such as Cotes du Rhone in France and Tuscany in Italy. We also have a vast selection of worldwide first-class wines in our connoisseaur list.

The included selection alters daily, according to the country and region we are sailing in, while our connoisseur list is updated per person, or when deemed necessary.

Food and wine can make a magical combination and we always try to pair these - the guests' preferences and the sailing region are the remaining variables when we craft our wine list. The key to choosing a wine that suits food is the character of the dish, which is to be complemented by the wine to basically melt the food and wine together to become one. A medium-rare Chateaubriand, for example, matches beautifully with a full-bodied merlot.

From the inclusive repertoire my favourite is chardonnat of the Villa Giada vineyard from Piedmont in Italy - it's a fine bouquet including apples and exotic fruits, but still full-bodied with a slight oaky finish and this typical chardonnay character.

From the connoisseur selection my personal number one is the Belle Glos pinot noir from the Clark & Telephone wineyard in California. It is an interesting explosion of flavours mixing hints of orange, coffee and vanilla.

Pre-season, the team is trained extensively for one week on board by the restaurant/bar manager: this includes wine tastings, how to pair wines with food as well as recommending wines based upon the guest's personal preferences and more.

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