2014 sees record number of newborns at Prague Zoo

More than 1,200 animals have been born at the zoo this year, including offspring such as giant mole-rats, spiny-tailed lizards and cotton pygmy geese. The zoo has also managed to be the first in the world or Europe to breed a number of species, such as the three giant mole-rats. The breeding of reptiles was one of the zoo’s largest successes, with the birth of the spiny-tailed lizard being the first born in captivity in the world and the rare quince monitor’s offspring that followed a five-year effort.

Success for mammals, reptiles and birds

One of the biggest achievements for the zoo was the rearing of three Egyptian vultures in a single nest, which is usually only possible with two. Other birds bred by the zoo included the young cotton pygmy geese, who are the first to be bred in Europe, and an Amazon parrot, which was the hard work of a nine-year effort.

Earlier this month, the zoo saw the birth of quadruplet cheetah cubs, which was a welcomed event as the animals are currently threatened with extinction; there are only approximately 7,500 left in the wild. The birth was the first for 3-year-old mother Savannah and suspected father Ben, and the birth was announced on International Cheetah Day. Having survived the most critical period, the cheetah kittens will be able to be viewed by those on deluxe river cruises in Europe in 2015.

However, there were some unsuccessful breeding attempts, with the young newborns of the rare palm cockatoo, aardvark and Egyptian tortoise failing to survive. In 2015, Prague Zoo hopes to have more success, and would like to breed a number of new additions to the park, including a male elephant.

Image Credit: Ken_from_MD (Flickr.com)

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