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A day without barriers in Ceský Krumlov

Just a short distance from the Austrian border lies the Czech town of Ceský Krumlov, a recognised UNESCO World Heritage site. Ceský Krumlov is located near the banks of the Vltava River, but because this medieval gem is one of central Europe’s most enchanting destinations, Emerald Waterways give you the chance to pay the town a visit during our Danube Delights and Danube Explorer European river cruises. An optional excursion that has fast become one of our most popular.

Between the region’s charming walkways and sky-high spires lies a landscape awash with Gothic, Baroque and Renaissance architecture. If you were to eye up the blanket of red rooftops, castle peaks and cathedral tips from distance, you’d be forgiven for thinking you were staring at a scene plucked straight from a fable.

The town was built around the 13th century and has remained intact thanks to over five centuries of peaceful evolution. Unfortunately, a landmark this old can have its drawbacks, and the stone sidewalks and lack of accessibility can make it difficult for people with disabilities to enjoy the beautiful surroundings on offer. 

But for one day every year, voluntary organisation Kiwanis Club thoughtfully put together a Day Without Barriers, which took place this year on 12th September 2015. This is a time when local museums, theatres and castles open side doors and enable exits to be wheelchair accessible, and other venues with disables access offer free entry. There are guided tours and cruises catering to the visually impaired and visitors in wheelchairs, while participating venues include the Egon Schiele Art Centre, the Fairytale House and the State Castle. 

We think somewhere as beautiful as Ceský Krumlov should be appreciated by everyone – no matter what their background is. So we salute you, Kiwanis Club, for lifting the lid on this historic Czech town for the past 11 years.