Amsterdam canals inspire flower display

Just over a half hour drive from Amsterdam, the garden’s display will be open from the 20th March until 18th May, with bulbs having been planted in October last year to create what has been described as a ‘flower mosaic’ of Amsterdam’s stunning waterways.

As regulars to European river cruising through Amsterdam will know, the canals are the best way to experience the renowned city and the Keukenhof flower display looks set to do its best to demonstrate this. Featuring 60,000 tulip and muscari bulbs to represent the ‘tulip mania’ that took place during the Dutch ‘Golden Age’, the display will cover 22 by 13 metres of the gardens. The bulbs are due to bloom in the spring, ready for visitors to enjoy.


Alongside the canal-inspired display, the Keukenhof Gardens will also play host to a number of events throughout the year, making up a packed 2014 schedule. From musical entertainment and decorated floats in the annual Flower Parade in May to Holland Heritage Weekends and Easter themed events, the gardens will have plenty in store for its visitors throughout the coming spring period and beyond.


Creating such a feast of visual delights, it is little wonder that the Gardens celebrate art and support the Netherlands’ established art history. Their dedicated Art Days display how art and flowers can be brought together in one beautiful and eclectic mix. Next to a display of existing work at the Gardens, a collection of 50 participating artists will be producing live work in the inspirational setting that is the Keukenhof Gardens. Taking place from the 30th April until the 4th May this year, there is limited opportunity to see this unique collaboration.

With a number of events occurring annually at the gardens, there is plenty of opportunity to catch such sights in the Netherlands, and a European river cruise with Emerald Waterways provides the perfect chance to find out why Amsterdam’s canals were chosen to inspire this year’s flower display.

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