Amsterdam celebrates King's Day

Former Queen of the Netherlands and now Princess Beatrice, has passed over her duties to her son, King Willem Alexander, as Amsterdam celebrates its first King’s Day.

Formally known as Queen’s Day, the celebration is one that has become a strong tradition in Amsterdam and sees the streets, canals and parks of the capital packed with people celebrating their monarch, making for a great sight of culture and festivity for visitors of 2014 river cruise holidays in the city. The tradition began with Queen Wilhelmina in 1885 to honour her birth on the 31st August and was subsequently moved to its date of the 30th April when her daughter Juliana took to the throne in 1949 to mark her birthday.

Since this time, Queen’s Day has been celebrated by residents of Amsterdam and the Netherlands every year as Princess Beatrice chose to continue the tradition in honour of her mother, but this year saw the first time that Amsterdam has celebrated a King’s Day.

A celebration for all

As King Willem Alexander stands as the first Dutch king in over 120 years, King’s Day proved to be a huge success and saw a great number of people celebrate the birth of their new King. While the festivities took place on the 26th April, King’s Day was officially marked on the King’s birthday, the 27th April. King’s Day saw the city come alive with the colour of the Royal House as people dressed in accessories and clothing of orange, as depicted in the Telegraph’s stunning time-lapse video.

Next year’s King’s Day is due to be celebrated on the 27th April and with a few remaining spaces remaining on Emerald Waterways’ 2015 deluxe European river cruises, there is nothing stopping guests from revelling in the festivities.

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