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Amsterdam festival in full swing

The festival is set to capture the hearts and imaginations of visitors and locals alike, and theatre alongside delicious food will be on the menu for the audience to devour as Amsterdam pulls together its artistic talents in this fantastic festival.

Taking place from the 3rd until the 13th July there is a limited window for visitors to the city to enjoy the event’s proceedings, but there is still a chance to book on 2015 escorted Moselle river cruises to catch next year’s festival.

Talented theatre makers

The festival will include the work of young talented theatre makers as well as famous names within the industry, who will be using the NDSM shipyard as their base before they take over the entirety of the banks of the river. With some new and exciting performances taking place every day, there will be plenty for river cruise guests to see during their time in the city.

The theme for this year’s festival is based on that of urbanisation, with performers turning the dockland area into their very own urban playground. Taking into account urban developments and their effect on people as well as the local environment, the festival is sure to be an impressive eye-opener for visitors looking to gain a greater understanding of the development of the city as well as the talented people behind it.

Visitors should also be sure to take a short break from their river cruise holiday activities to check out the famed shipping containers that each feature their own special performances of poetry, scripted theatre, dance and more for a special intimate performance.

To find out more about this unique cultural festival and the programme of events see the Over het IJ Festival website where ticket information and further details are all listed.

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