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Amsterdam Lego exhibition rivals fine art

The Art of Brick exhibition, created by American artist Nathan Sawaya, has transformed some of the world’s best loved art pieces into a unique 3D block representation using the nostalgic childhood toy Lego.

The exhibition at the Amsterdam Expo is to run from the 29th May and will feature representations of some of the most celebrated masters in art from all over the world, including Rodin’s The Thinker and Leonardo Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa, and he even created Vermeer’s Girl with a Lego Earring.

Da Vinci brick by brick

The Art of the Brick exhibition has already reached such high acclaim as being listed as one of CNN’s world top 10 must-see exhibitions, making it a must for all visiting the Dutch capital in the coming months on summer Moselle river cruises.

The exhibition features over 70 sculptures made completely from the one of the world’s favourite toys – Lego. From a six-metre-high tyrannosaurus rex skeleton created from 80,020 individual Lego bricks to world famous art works, it is an exhibition that is sure to appeal to each visitor’s inner child. Over one million Lego bricks went into the creation of The Art of the Brick and it stands as one of the most impressive exhibitions in the world at this moment in time.

The exhibition illustrates the sheer amount of skill that has gone into the project, whereby the most unbelievable shapes and representations of contemporary and historic figures have been created out of the most simple of objects – the humble Lego brick. With the exhibition set to continue until September later this year, there is plenty of time for guests to see Sawaya’s creations during couples’ river cruise holidays with Emerald Waterways. See the Amsterdam Expo website for ticket details.

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