Amsterdam’s Gay Pride an incredible success

Amsterdam Gay Pride

Amsterdam’s Gay Pride parade has been an incredible success this year, with one attendee’s selfie being labelled by many on social media as the ‘selfie of the year’.

This year the event was held from 25 July to 2 August, with the majority of the action occurring from 31 July to 2 August. The canal parade was the highlight of this year’s festival. Whilst it always makes for amazing viewing, this year was made extra special thanks to the selfie taken by stunt photographer Bo Krook.

With the use of a selfie stick and a flyboard propelled by water jets, the Dutchman launched himself eight metres above the crowd during the Canal Parade and captured a spectacular image of himself and the action below. Krook was dressed in a navy uniform and carried a ship’s wheel whilst taking the photo. The colourful, cheering crowd and boats are visible below in the background of the photo, brilliantly capturing the colour and energy of the event.

According to Krook, it took four attempts to get the photo right given the difficulty of using a selfie stick and a flyboard at the same time. Check out the photo here.

Looking forward to 2016

If you missed the festivities this year, next year’s parade will be one to watch during your 2016 river cruise in the Netherlands. Krook made his third appearance at this year’s parade and after having a great time he told Dutch news site RTL Nieuws, “We’ll definitely be there again next year.”

Amsterdam Gay Pride is a bright and energetic celebration that sees the canals of Amsterdam become a stage for colourful boats, entertainment and music. The parade is several kilometres long, so there are plenty of great viewing spots. The most popular include the beginning of the Prinsengracht, the Magere Brug on Amstel River and the Stopera.

Alternatively, the popularity of the parade means that many of the city’s attractions are less busy, perfect for those who would like to visit the Rijksmuseum, Anne Frank House or Van Gogh Museum.

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