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Anne Frank House experiences record visits for fifth year running

Reaching almost 1.23 million in 2014, the house of the former diarist where she hid from the Nazis with her family, experienced 32,006 more visits than the previous year. The majority of these visitors came from outside the Netherlands, including those on cultural European river cruises, although 140,000 of these visits were by the Dutch. This marks just one of the many record numbers experienced by Amsterdam museums in the past 12 months.

Executive director of the Anne Frank House Ronald Leopold has since stated that it is incredibly inspiring to see that so many people around the world are visiting to learn about the building and its history. The museum has also seen impressive numbers online, with more than 5.2 million unique visits to the website, and over 729,000 people following on Facebook.

Helping to tell the authentic and reliable story of Anne Frank

In 2014, there was also an international travelling exhibition named ‘Anne Frank – a history for today’, which was presented in over 30 countries and reached an expected 500,000 young people. The project came about following a partnership between the Anne Frank House and a variety of museums across the world. The museum also runs over 300 organised educational projects, involving 5,000 young people worldwide, who are known as Anne Frank ambassadors.

Many travel from afar to see this biographical museum in particular, in order to find out more about the enduring story the young girl managed to capture during her ordeal in World War II. Forced to hide in an annex from the Nazis for two years, the family were eventually betrayed and sent to concentration camps, where Anne Frank later died after contracting typhus just one month before liberation.

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