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News > April 2014 > Empress Sisi's wardrobe on display in Vienna

Empress Sisi's wardrobe on display in Vienna

On the 10th anniversary of Vienna’s Sisi Museum the institution is hosting a unique exhibition of its namesake’s wardrobe, the Habsburg Empress Elisabeth.

Sat in the Imperial Apartments of the Imperial Palace, the museum is dedicated to the life and times of Elisabeth, a prominent figure that has intrigued and been misunderstood by many.

The museum houses many personal items of the young Empress to give a detailed and realistic view of a young woman who stands as an inspiration to Viennese women, both past and present, for her determined and independent nature that saw her travel the world, a defiant feat in the 1800s. The museum houses around 300 objects, including parasols, boxes and gloves, as well as her death mask and the actual file used in her assassination.

The exhibition

While the museum has housed many dresses of the Empress for some time, this latest exhibition shows something never before seen in Vienna and a real treat for those visiting the city on escorted river cruise holidays. The "Silk-Lace-Ermine" jubilee exhibition even features her blue Corfu gown, which was worn on Habsburg vacations to the Greek island and showcases her slender nature with an unbelievable 19-inch (48-cm) waist.

This dress in particular comes as special significance; it was only discovered recently having been hidden in the attic of Seisenegg Castle in lower Austria for decades. As Empress Sisi continues to fascinate historians and the public alike through her turbulent life, this newest exhibition is sure to be immensely popular. The exhibition at the Sisi Museum offers an insight into a women who led the most extraordinary life, having been married to Franz Joseph I at the tender age of 16, affected by the murder-suicide of her only son and suffered the assassination of a stabbing by Luigi Lucheni, an Italian anarchist, having missed his chance to kill another royal.

The exhibition is set to remain open to the public until 24th December, on what would have been Empress Sisi’s 177th birthday, so there is still plenty of time for guests of Emerald Waterways’ 2014 Danube river cruises to catch this exclusive exhibit.

Image Credit: Emil Rabending (1823–1886) (

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