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Art Market Budapest preparation underway

Established in 2011, the art fair is said to define a new cultural region: 'Young Europe'. This emergence of new art will represent contemporary matters with influences coming from a global outlook in the form of Communist countries, cultural inspiration from Turkey and Israel and western art, in a fair that presents art in both a local and global sense.


Since the fair’s inception, the event has attracted visitors from all over, with Danube river cruise guests and those on city breaks in the Hungarian capital making up a large proportion of the Art Market Budapest’s 20 thousand international visitors. The fair is located in the Millenaris Cultural Center - a venue that is known for its cultural performances, exhibitions, plays and concerts - and runs in line with the centre’s goal of representing Budapest’s culture. The centre was once a polluting chemical factory but has now undergone a transformation, with the events it stages portraying the city in its true contemporary state.


Set to be bigger and better than previous years, the 2013 art fair is centred around the theme of ‘migration’, where its specially selected programme will display works that reflect this theme and how modern artists react to both forced emigration and immigration on a global scale. Just a few hundred meters from Buda’s centre, the international contemporary art fair is due to see a record number of attendees absorbing this exciting display of art and contemporary culture.


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