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News > August 2014 > Belgrade Beer Fest in 12th year

Belgrade Beer Fest in 12th year

As such a large and reputable festival, organisers hope it will further attract visitors from across the world to see what Belgrade and Serbia as a whole have to offer. With many summer river cruise holidays passing through Serbia and the country’s esteemed capital, the festival will hope to offer such visitors a real flavour of the local culture.

“A symbol of Belgrade”

City Manager Goran Vesic has high hopes for the 12th edition of the festival, saying in this article, “As the biggest event in the city aside from the Belgrade marathon, Beer Fest has really become a symbol of Belgrade. It has serious potential and we will enhance what it has to offer to attract even more foreign tourists.”

The festival regularly attracts visitors of all nationalities and ages as it also offers a fantastic entertainment programme on top of the large selection of local and foreign beers to enjoy, with the likes of global pop star Cee-Loo Green set to open the 2014 festival.

The festival prides itself on its warm welcome, with entry being completely free of charge bar the opening night, which visitors can expect to pay RSD 300 for tickets. Attracting around 700,000 visitors every year on average for the past 11 years of running, the festival is as popular with visitors of top European river cruises stopping off in the city as it is with locals and backpackers. Alongside sampling local beers and culture there will be plenty of local talent to enjoy, with a range of musical performances to watch and listen to in the background of this incredible Serbian festival.

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