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Avignon Festival will go on

Performers, technicians and other casual workers working on this festival as well as others in France had threatened to strike on the opening night of the festival in a protest over their unemployment rights.

The Avignon Festival has been a popular event among locals and visitors to the city on contemporary river cruise holidays for many years, so many were hoping there would not be a repeat of 2003’s cancellation of the festival.

Avignon becomes a city-theatre

The festival was founded in 1947 and has now become what is considered one of France’s most significant contemporary performing arts events. Every year the festival turns the city of Avignon into a city-theatre, turning various spaces of architectural heritage around the metropolis into theatrical platforms and stage spaces.

There are over 30 different shows to watch during the space of the Festival, which is running this year from the 4th-27th July with over 2,000 spectators expected to turn out to view some of the festival’s theatrical magic. While the festival is mainly associated with its theatrical performances there will also be readings, exhibitions, films and debates for visitors to enjoy.

The risk of cancellation may have given reason for many ticket holders to hold their breath, but as the performers decide to put their dispute to one side, visitors and locals alike will be thankful for another opportunity to enjoy this fantastic cultural festival.

While there are still some tickets available for this year’s festival for those visiting the country this summer, there are still some limited spaces on Emerald Waterways’ 2015 European river cruises and on the 11-day Delights of France river cruise for those who wish to enjoy the buzz of the festival next year.

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