Bratislava Castle holds new exhibition

The exhibition will be open to the public until 2nd February 2014 with an admission fee of €6.

Bratislava Castle is considered an artwork in itself, with the best views of the structure seen from the water during river cruises in Europe through Slovakia. Now housing this exciting new exhibition, entitled Art and Nature of Medieval Europe, the castle is set to see even more visitors as they come to explore this great example of Europe’s cultural history.

The focal point of the display is said to be nature, with each piece incorporating this theme in varying ways. This not only makes for a great way to see European culture in its historical context but also acts as a timeline, as nature represented in the beginning is in the form of inspiration for ornate objects, whilst towards the end of the Middle Ages it becomes a topic of great scientific interest and curiosity.

There are around one hundred different exhibits to view within the Art and Nature of Medieval Europe exhibition, dating from as early as 400AD. The Slovak National Gallery has put on this exhibition as a response to the Out of Gold and Fire exhibition, and more information on the displays can be found here.

The exhibition includes works across a multitude of genres and represents the changing fashions through that time, including a tapestry dated to around 1500 depicting The Noble Life cycle and the fragments of dog sculptures that were found in a tomb. The exhibition makes for an entirely different experience of the site, offering something entirely new to visitors of Bratislava Castle.

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