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British holidaymakers' reputation improves

The survey has found that the reputation of Brits travelling abroad has improved significantly in comparison to three years ago and is now seeing British tourists more openly welcomed by hospitality staff abroad.

A survey reflective of change

While guests of escorted river cruise holidays are already well-regarded in the places that they visit, the survey suggests that Britons as a whole are gaining a better reputation on trips abroad, with the survey finding that staff abroad consider Brits to be more polite and generous in their tipping than they did three years ago.

In the survey, the majority of respondents, at 54 per cent, said that British holidaymakers were more polite than they were three years ago and 71 per cent reported that behaviour seemed improved.

Despite guests of contemporary river cruises in Europe usually boasting a positive reputation, with the overall outlook on British guests abroad appearing to be on the increase, then such guests can expect a warmer welcome on their next trip.

In the poll of which nationality of tourist was most pleasant to deal with, Britons came out second, at 16 per cent, just behind the Dutch at 21 per cent. These findings will be of particular interest to regular river cruise travellers, who may have felt a warmer reception by locals in recent years as it would appear that Brits are increasingly recognising the importance of leaving a positive impression of their nationality.

While tipping was a major factor in the survey, investigating the reputation that Britons abroad have ceded, this of course does not come into the equation for Emerald Waterways’ guests, where all tipping is included within the price, ensuring there are no nasty surprises throughout the duration of your trip.

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