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Britons daydream about holidays

The survey has come from flight search site and has found that a large percentage of Britons often check holiday websites and river cruise holiday companies for prices and deals despite not planning a specific trip. 

“Most credible when it comes to holidays”

The travel site found that when it came to making a final decision on holidays, “it’s actually still word-of-mouth recommendations that are most credible when it comes to holidays.” Spokesperson at, Lasse Skole Hansen, said of the findings in this article that Britons, rather than being wholly swayed by advertising and social media, are actually more likely to take a recommendation from a friend or family member into account when choosing their holiday.

With this in mind it is always worth checking the reviews of river cruise holiday companies and holiday sites before booking. Take into account reviews from both individuals and the press and media and you can be fairly sure that you have chosen a credible company to trust with your holiday plans.

The survey found that 35 percent of Britons took to booking their holiday two to three months in advance, with 24 percent booking four to six months in advance. While this period of time appears to be the norm, those who book early Moselle cruises a year in advance can receive some fantastic deals and offers.

While the survey also found that Brits who book their holiday last minute were in the minority with just 19 percent booking with a month or under to go, these can also be a great way of securing a fantastic price, with many of the best river cruise companies offering their same deluxe package at a great price when they have just a few cabins left to spare.

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