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Bruges to construct underground beer pipeline

It’s been confirmed that the medieval city of Bruges is set to have an underground beer pipeline installed, a measure which is hoped will significantly reduce the number of lorries travelling through the cobbled streets of the Belgian capital.

The pipe will be made using high quality plastic and will link De Halve Maan brewery to a bottling plant 3km away, taking around 15 minutes for the beer to travel between the two. When asked about the pipe, De Halve Maan CEO Xavier Vanneste said that he is confident that leaks or illegal tapping points will never be an issue because the pipe is stronger than steel.

Set in the centre of Bruges, the historic De Halve Maan Brewery is among the most popular sights in the capital, attracting thousands of visitors each year including those on an opulent river cruise in Europe.

Construction to begin this year

The City Council have now approved the idea and construction for this incredible project is set to begin later this year. To avoid roadworks, the construction team will use computer-guided drilling techniques as the primary installation method. As the pipe will be capable of carrying a staggering 6,000 litres an hour, it will work to alleviate traffic problems in the city centre by taking as many as 500 lorries off the roads.

A similar project has worked to great success for the Great Lakes Brewing Company in Cleveland, Ohio, who use underground pipes to transport beer between its brewery across the road to its pub. With the Bruges project significantly larger, it is hoped that it could help the city reduce its level of carbon emissions and offer other environmental benefits in the future, as well as making the centre more pedestrian friendly.

Image Credit: Dennis Jarvis (Flickr.com)

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