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Bucharest set for revamp

It’s all change for Romania’s capital as a number of Bucharest landmarks and attractions are in line for a refurbishment. Both Bucharest’s iconic Triumphal Arch (Arcul de Triumf) and two of the city’s parks, Cismigiu and Carol, are in line for a renovation as the city looks to bring its landscape into the 21st Century and modernise its public spaces for both locals and visitors.

Alongside these two new proposals to renovate the capital, plans to develop a high-speed rail connection between Bucharest and Constana have also been announced. These latest plans to update the city are set to impact on local residents’ daily lives and those who come to the city on one of the many deluxe river cruise holidays that pass through Romania via the Danube River.

Projects are go

Cismigiu Park in particular will see a major overhaul as not only have plans to revamp the park been given the go ahead by Bucharest City Hall, costing around €4 million, but the hall has also put forward plans to conduct maintenance works on the park’s protected trees, a project costing a further €170,000. It is hoped that this maintenance can be funded through projects financed by grants from the Norwegian Government and will see several variants of protected tree including the Platanus, Torreya nucifera and Torreya californica maintained.

Additionally, European river cruise guests may soon get to view the newly renovated Triumphal Arch, as the renovation project is expected to be completed by March 2015. At the moment, visitors to the city will see the consolidation and rehabilitation work on the arch which was been completed out so far – currently around 10 percent – for which around €6.7 million has been invested. The arch was built to commemorate Romania’s victory in the First World War and stands as a great monument for visitors to the country to visit.

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