Budapest named as friendliest city

As a hugely popular destination on European river cruises Budapest was the city with the most 5 star ratings, beating both Lisbon, which came second, and Amsterdam, which reached third place. Budapest proved to be the most welcoming city for larger groups of travellers, again making it a popular option for river cruising.

Alongside Budapest, Amsterdam proved to be more popular during the autumnal months, primarily due to the favourable weather conditions in the Dutch capital at this time. However, thanks to its year round events and cultural hotspots, Budapest is seen to be popular throughout the year, with many celebrating the city’s World Heritage sites and impressive architecture, which are best seen from a cruise or boat tour, as the Danube’s many impressive bridges are another highlight.

The city is also known for its huge number of spas and the great cultural divide between the Buda and Pest divisions. As the capital city of Hungary, it is home to a unique culture of traditions where visitors look to embrace the city’s cuisine and landmarks such as the opera house and the parliament building, which stands as the largest in the country.

With the Christmas markets now gracing the streets of the city, it is expected that Budapest will see another surge of visitors in the next month; whether people are on Christmas Danube river cruises or winter city breaks, the city’s concert halls and museums are expected to be as busy as ever. With such a focus on their travel and tourism industry, it comes as little surprise that the city was named the friendliest in Europe, as Budapest looks to encourage its visitors to return year after year with its interesting heritage and exciting new events.

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