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Celebrity spotting on your European river cruise

Europe; it’s the haunt of many famed stars. From actors and actresses to pop stars and other such sensational celebs, they all look to Europe to get a cultured break away from the spotlight.

Next to secret retreats and celebrity hangouts, Europe is also a popular setting for filming locations and with some of the most well-regarded architecture in the world it is little wonder why. A spring river cruise holiday is the best way to spot celebrities as visiting many different popular European cities in one itinerary gives you the best chance of bumping into the rich and famous. Here we list some of the locations where you should be keeping an eye out for a Hollywood regular and how best to secure that all-important autograph.


It may not be Germany’s largest city, but Cologne receives its fair share of celebrity sightings. Cologne-based bar Chlodwig-Eck is a celebrity favourite and, what’s more, it was even owned by a celebrity of sorts for a time, Clemens Böll, nephew of Nobel Prize-winning author Heinrich Böll. Next to celebrities it also welcomes well-regarded painters and musicians often.

Also seen in Cologne has been German model Heidi Klum. Having been born in Bergisch Gladbach, Germany, just 20 minutes out of the city, Klum has been spotted filming Germany’s Next Topmodel just last year.


With films such as The Bourne Identity and Mission: Impossible both filmed in Prague, it is rarely short of high-profile actors or celebrities. Kampa Park on Kampa Island makes an appearance as a destination in ‘Zurich’ in The Bourne Identity, with Matt Damon’s character fighting off Swiss police in the park, while Prague’s Natural History Museum plays the setting for the first embassy in Mission: Impossible and the ‘Venetian’ hotel in James Bond film Casino Royale.

Should you encounter a famous actor during your stay in Prague who is happy to have a photo with you, a selfie stick is by far the best way to capture the moment with your smartphone, removing the need for one person to hold the camera and be the photographer. Selfie Pods is one supplier you can trust with that all-important moment; priding themselves at being at the forefront of the selfie stick craze, they are always looking to offer the best new versions before anyone else.

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From one Mission: Impossible filming location to another as the latest sequel uses Austria’s Vienna for a dramatic film backdrop. Tom Cruise filmed scenes for the film Mission: Impossible 5 on location in Vienna, which includes shots taken from the roof of the Vienna State Opera House, further illustrating the actor’s impressive stunt work.

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Once you have the right equipment you don’t need to be worried about missing that perfect opportunity, which may come along more often than you might think in a city like Amsterdam. As well as being a well-visited destination on European cruises, it is also often visited by the famous.

With this in mind you might want to make sure you’ve always got a pen to hand; you never know when you might be able to secure that priceless signature.

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The Dutch capital is widely known for its use as a film location on the likes of the James Bond picture Diamonds are Forever and, more recently, The Fault In Our Stars.

Even Amsterdam’s museums have received the celebrity stamp of approval, as shown in this previous article, where actor Shia LaBeouf was seen taking part in a performance piece outside the Stedelijk Museum.

Still not enjoyed a bit of celebrity spotting during your river cruise? Then Amsterdam makes up for it with Madame Tussauds Amsterdam. With figures including the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow, Brad Pitt and Barack Obama, it is sure to satisfy your appetite for celebrity spotting in Europe.

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Image Credit: Laura (flickr.com)

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