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Cologne experiences record year for tourism

More than 3.33 million hotel guests stayed in the city during the course of the year, which accounted for 5.74 million overnight stays in total. Both domestic and international visitors increased significantly throughout 2014, with Cologne’s accommodation facilities booked at 48.7 per cent capacity.

By November 2014, the city had recorded a 12.2 per cent increase in overnight stays, which can be compared with the less significant growth of 6.2 per cent as recorded in Berlin. Therefore, it’s no surprise that Cologne is in the top 25 of the 100 most popular destinations among European cities, and one of the favourite locations for those on luxury Rhine river cruises.

Cologne seeing a bigger increase then competing city Berlin

According to an article by ETN, it is suggested that the reason for the substantial growth in tourist numbers is due to Cologne’s strong trade fairs, cultural attractions and excellent events, which attract business visitors as well as leisure travellers. Another draw to the city is also thought to be the Cologne Christmas markets, which encourage an influx of visitors in the winter months.

The largest groups of tourists came from the UK, with 242,827 visitors entering Cologne last year, which is an increase of 15.3 per cent on 2013. This was followed closely by visitors from the USA and the Netherlands. However, it was guests from the Arabian Gulf states who stayed the longest, with trips averaging at 2.9 days.

It is estimated that more than 45,000 took place in Cologne during 2014, which were attended by 3.65 million people, an increase of 2.5 per cent on the previous year. This is only thought to improve in 2015, due to the reopening of the “Bühnen der Stadt Köln”, which helped Cologne to become one of the most advanced theatre and opera locations in Europe.

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