Condé Nast declares Budapest best in winter

Alongside listing a host of activities that are great no matter what the weather throws at you, the article also advised its readers on what to pack for a Budapest break in the winter; this isn’t such an issue for guests on Emerald Waterways river cruise holidays, however, as they only have to unpack once and can bring as many warm layers as they desire!

Museums, cafés and baths

The city’s museums are mentioned favourably in the article; the institutions are praised not only for being great places to escape the cold, but also because they offer a fascinating cultural insight into the city and country which the guests are visiting. Whether it’s the Museum of Fine Arts for those of an artistic disposition or the Budapest History Museum for those who wish to find out more about the heritage of the Hungarian capital, all the museums come with an untarnished reputation for the visitor experiences they provide.

Condé Nast Traveler then praised two of the most traditional activities that are best celebrated in Budapest during the winter months - that of visiting the city’s cafés and baths. The café culture in Budapest is unmatched, with a history dating back to the 1700s and the Turkish invasion; with various exquisite drinks to try, visitors can truly take their time exploring the city’s great cafes. Leaving the best until last, one of the most magical experiences to be found during winter in Budapest is taking a trip to the baths, so it is little wonder that this made the Condé Nast list. Széchenyi is a must but there are a number of other warming baths around the city which are ready to help guests forget about the cold.

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