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Czech Republic hopes for record year in tourism

The increase is thought to be a 2.5 per cent growth year-on-year, which is estimated to bring in more than 8 million tourists to the country, which includes those visiting while on Prague and Danube river cruises. This is the first time that numbers will exceed the 8 million mark, although the number of overnight stays is expected to remain the same as 2013.

Visitors from the UK on the increase

Although the number of Russian tourists to the country have significantly dropped by approximately 85,000, this has been made up for with an increase in visitors from the United Kingdom, Slovakia and Germany. This increase in number of arrivals from tourists in nearby European countries is thought to have occurred due to the good results of the balance of payments in tourism.

A tourism analyst from Czech Tourism suggested that although Russian tourists tend to spend five nights on average in the country, those from different countries are more likely to stay for just one or two nights.

Tourism spend by foreign tourists in the Czech Republic has also increased by two per cent year-on-year, with 103.6 billion Kc spent during January to September in 2014. The Czech National Bank also released statistics which revealed that incoming tourism spending figures had reached 36.4 billion Kc in the third quarter of 2014, with spending in the summer 1.5 billion Kc higher than last year.

Prague is the capital city of the Czech Republic and is a popular destination with tourists visiting the country, so much so that it was named as one of the most visited cities in the world following a survey conducted by MasterCard in July.

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