Da Vinci Code writer visits Prague

The news comes after a recent visit to the city by the author, which he described as a holiday but could suggest that he was gathering information for his next book, having been seen taking notes and visiting monasteries and secret libraries in the city.

The visit to Prague covered a period of three days, in which Brown also visited castles popular with guests on Danube river cruises stopping in the city, as well as synagogues and cemeteries which could provide some great material for a possible new book. Brown took a news conference on Wednesday in which he was elusive over whether Prague could provide the inspiration for a novel, saying: “As for what I’m writing next, as you know I like secrets. I never reveal what I’m writing about. But this visit has been very inspirational”.

A city full of inspiration

Prague is full of history and great architecture, which is something it shares with other European cities the author has written about, such as Paris and Rome, as well as being aspects that make the city popular with its many visitors. Emerald Waterways shows its river cruise guests some of the city’s best features, while a guided tour provides the historical information that attracted Brown to Prague.

Brown said that it was Prague’s rich traditions and cultural history in art and architecture that attracted him to the city - all things which have been inspirational in his previous books. The author even went into the city’s sewer system, ensuring that there wasn’t a side of Prague he hadn’t seen by the end of his stay. Brown was also told about some of the city’s intriguing myths and legends like Golem, and literary figures like Kafka, which all suggests that we might be reading about his characters’ take on Prague’s castles and streets in the near future.

Image Credit: fklv (Obsolete hipster) (flickr.com)