Danube is Europe’s favourite river

Melk Abbey

The River Danube has been named as ‘Europe’s favourite river’ according to an Austrian news site.

The number of visitors who took a Danube cruise last year was up 17 per cent from the previous year, according to The Local. Figures are expected to exceed last year’s as well, which makes the Danube “the most popular river in Europe”.

Reasons cited for its popularity are wide ranging, but the attractions and scenery found along the banks of the river are two of the biggest reasons. Some of the popular stops include Melk Abbey, Vienna, Passau, Linz and Dürnstein. Each destination offers something different for visitors, with the city of Vienna bringing a history of music and dance with it, and Melk Abbey offering insight into the lives of Benedictine monks, as well as some of the most incredible architecture in all of Europe.

Local businesses benefit from visitors

Those who have taken a Danube cruise before will have met a number of local people on their journey, and will have likely purchased a souvenir, meal or drink during their stay. These local interactions and purchases are vital for the economy along the river. One business owner spoke to The Local, saying that 90 per cent of sales from his pottery business in Melk are down to visitors, rather than other locals. To help you make purchases of your own, why not check out our list of handy translations to use on your Danube river cruise?

You can get some great souvenirs whilst in Europe, and on a river cruise there will be plenty of options open to you. Some recommended souvenirs include prune/plum people from the Nuremberg Christmas market, some nice coffee from one of the coffee shops in Vienna and traditional Hungarian folk art, which looks beautiful on textiles such as tablecloths and blouses.

Image Credit: Jorge Cancela (flickr.com)

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