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Amsterdam has been celebrated as one of the most popular holidaying destinations in the world, taking a respectable third place in a list of top ten locations by search engine giant Google.

The River Danube is renowned for its size; as the European Union's longest river, it is one of the most prominent features in the heart of the continent.


Bratislava Castle has always been known for its focus on modern art, until now, as the castle branches out by housing an exhibition that displays works that range from the 5th to the 16th century, on loan from Paris' Cluny National Museum of the Middle Ages.

For 50 days in winter Amsterdam is alight with colour and artistic expression in the form of the annual Amsterdam Light Festival that displays the work of international artists throughout the city.
To recognise the 55th anniversary of a secret Cold War underground bunker in Prague, the space has been turned into a museum which is to be open to the public two days a week.

Perhaps what's most enticing about Europe is its many different cultures and traditions which can be explored across the many countries within its borders. Within its heritage lies architecture - including historic castles and majestic palaces - which act as permanent memories of centuries gone by.

According to a recent survey, Budapest has claimed the enviable title of the friendliest city in Europe. The survey, conducted by an apartment rentals company, found that from the 130,000 reviews, Budapest was voted the most popular with mini breakers.
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