Discover Emerald Waterways: An Interview with Lewis Quigley

Creating an award-winning collection of river cruises which enrich and inspire takes time, dedication, and expertise. That’s why, over the past four years, we’ve devoted ourselves to finding the best people to help make our unforgettable river cruise experiences a reality.

From the expert Journey Planners who handcraft each of our stimulating itineraries; the dedicated service personnel who work tirelessly to provide for our guests, on and off the ship; and the booking operatives responsible for helping to plan your perfect holiday – Emerald Waterways has a talented team of individuals, solely dedicated to providing exceptional experiences for our guests.

We’re proud of everyone who plays a part in the Emerald Waterways story, and are keen to showcase the talents of our hardworking team – so you can see how we make our incredible river cruise holidays happen.

Lewis Quigley

In this instalment of Discover Emerald Waterways, we chat to Trade Marketing Executive, Lewis Quigley, about his experience of working for us, and pick his brain for top tips for the first-time river cruiser.

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Hi Lewis, thanks for taking the time to talk to us. Could you tell us more about your role and what the average day in the Emerald Waterways office looks like for you?

My role is in Trade Marketing, which in Emerald Waterways terms, means marketing tailored towards travel agents. I provide travel agents throughout the UK with all the marketing collateral they need to go and sell our products to their customers. One of the great things about my role is that there aren’t many average days. Whether I’m signing off artwork for agents to use, sending out weekly emails to our growing trade database, updating the agent portal on the Emerald Waterways website, or campaign planning for the future, each day is different.

How long have you been with Emerald Waterways? Has the company changed at all during your time here, and how so?

I have been with Emerald Waterways for just over a year now. In what seems a short space of time, this rapidly growing company has gone from strength to strength. The fact that three new sleek Emerald Star-Ships have been introduced to the European fleet, and that Emerald Waterways have now diversified to the rivers of Southeast Asia, clearly shows how this company is moving in the right direction.

What is your favourite thing about working for Emerald Waterways?

A key attribute of any marketing executive, is knowing your product inside-out. For me, this meant having the opportunity to go on one of Emerald Waterways’ amazing itineraries, and amazing it was! The experience really gave me a first-hand account of what the ships and itineraries are truly like, which in-turn meant I could do the product justice when it came to marketing.

Could you tell us about the experience - which destinations, excursions and on-board features really stood out for you?

I have been lucky enough to sail on the Emerald Waterways Star-Ship, Emerald Star. The itinerary I took part in started in Amsterdam, a city I had never been to, but had always wanted to visit. As an included excursion, I was able to explore the whole of Amsterdam via a guided canal boat tour, which showed me all the sights I had wished to see before visiting.

Amserdam River Architecture

What do you believe really sets Emerald Waterways apart from other river cruise lines?

There are many things that I feel set Emerald Waterways apart from other river cruise lines. Quality of service on-board being one. A key element for me is the innovative on-board pool, located in a special area on the ship where guests can relax and unwind, it can either be under cover or in the open air, depending on the weather. At night, the pool cleverly transforms into a cinema, where guests can dive into a bag of popcorn whilst watching their favourite movie.  

How do you see the river cruise industry evolving over the next five years?

I can imagine the rest of the river cruise industry moving in the same direction as Emerald Waterways. Having fresh, modern ships that satisfy not just the typical older demographic associated with river cruising, but younger guests too.

Given the chance to sail on any Emerald Waterways itinerary, which would you pick and why?

It is tough to pick just one of our incredible itineraries - but if I did have to, it would be the 18-day Highlights of Vietnam & Cambodia and Mekong River Cruise, which ventures from Hanoi to Siem Reap.

If you could give a first-time river cruiser one piece of advice, what would it be?

Good advice would be not to associate ocean cruising with river cruising. River cruising is a lot more intimate and relaxed - the lower number of guests on-board means there is plenty of space to unwind and also means the fantastic staff can cater for your every need on a more personal basis.  

We’d like to thank Lewis for taking the time to get involved in our Discover Q&A, and hope you’ve enjoyed finding out more about the ins and outs of Emerald Waterways. To browse our collection of award-winning river cruises, or to find out more about our luxury 5-star service, visit the homepage or call our team today on 0808 256 6448.

Darren Birch
Darren Birch
Darren is Emerald Waterways' Marketing Exec. He's done a lot of traveling over the years, having once worked as an air steward. Darren's favorite river cruise destination is Vienna because of the rich culture and beautiful architecture.