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European tourism experiences growth

Such statistics and figures not only mean good things for the European tourism trade, but also for the tourists themselves as more cities will continue to invest in their tourism offering as a result of the increase, thus seeing better facilities and attractions for guests of escorted river cruise holidays and those on European city breaks. 

European cities on top

According to the findings of the European Cities Marketing Benchmarking Report 2014, reported in this article, European cities appear to be at the heart of the success of European tourism as a whole. It was already reported in this previous Emerald Waterways article that Prague has already had a bumper year as one of the most visited European cities, and Vienna has also seen great improvement as shown in this article.

The past five years have shown a dramatic increase in the number of bednights for European cities, with the average annual bednight growth rate for European cities being 6.2 as found in the ECM report. This figure is 1.9 per cent higher than the average yearly growth rate for these figures, offering an increasingly positive outlook for the cities and countries that are visited on European and Danube river cruises every year.

The report also highlighted a positive outlook for Europe’s smaller cities as it predicts the highest opportunity for smaller cities in 2014; the report found that smaller and medium cities in particular have significant potential for growth in 2014. This suggests that even more visitors will be exploring Europe’s lesser known cities and travelling further than the European capitals in the near future.

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