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Eurostar announces further growth in 2014

Last year, Eurostar saw sales revenues of £867 million, which had climbed from the £857 million accrued in 2013, confirming the 10 years of consecutive growth that the company has experienced. Eurostar International Ltd also recorded 10.4 million passenger journeys, including those travelling to Paris to embark on river cruises in Europe, which equates to approximately 300,000 more than the year before.

It is thought that these increases are due to the strong recovery in the UK economy, which has also led to an increase in travel bookings. Business travellers were among the passengers who had increased the most during 2014, showing a rise of four per cent.

Allowing for Eurostar to make improvements

The increases are great news for Eurostar, adding to the good news that they are investing in ten additional e320 trains from Siemens, which were revealed to the public in November and will be built at the rail factory in Germany. These will offer a faster journey time, better comfort and style, and free WiFi in all carriages. It is thought the original deal cost £550 million and the new trains will replace some of the existing models in May of this year.

It was also announced that the train company would be adding further routes, including a new direct route to Amsterdam that will stop at Antwerp, Rotterdam and Schipol airport. Recently, they also introduced a direct service from London to Lyon, Avignon and Marseille, which has so far ‘got off to a cracking start’. The Mediterranean trip takes six hours and runs all year round, with the Eurostar suggesting that the high popularity shows a growing interest in passengers choosing rail over plane options.

Image Credit: David Sim (Flickr.com)

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