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Fabergé eggs-hibition comes to Vienna

Over 160 items will make up the new exhibition, each coming from museums based in Moscow and displaying the skills and artistic talent of renowned jewellers and goldsmiths at the end of the 19th century.

Those lucky enough to be enjoying river cruises through Europe between the months of February and May can marvel at the delicate masterpieces created by famed imperial jeweller Peter Carl Fabergé. His work is so unique that Fabergé eggs are instantly recognisable and known worldwide, as his company grew into one of the biggest of its kind during the period.

The World of Fabergé

The exhibition is to run at the museum from 18th February until 18th May of this year, marking the 90th anniversary of the establishment of relations between the Soviet Union, Russia and Austria, as well as the 525th anniversary of the first diplomatic relations between Moscow and Vienna. The exhibition will feature four of the famed Fabergé eggs as its centrepiece, due to their historical significance as gifts to the imperial royal family at the time.

Fabergé eggs are made up of precious jewels and often hide a miniature scene within the structure which can be opened via a clasp. They promote the curiosity and intrigue that abounded when the famous Romanov royal family were in power in Russia and Fabergé worked as the jeweller for the last Russian Tsars from 1885.

Any visitors to Vienna who are interested in the history of the Russian royal family or simply of spectacular jewellery and art will not want to miss this most beautiful of exhibitions. For further information on opening times and the exhibition itself visit the Kunsthistorisches Museum website.

Image Credit: ctj71081 (flickr.com)