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France's Lyon receives high praise

Singapore’s most widely read newspaper, The Straits Times, has released an article depicting the many reasons that Lyon should be on everyone’s must visit list. With the best river cruise holidays now offering guests the chance to experience the very best of Lyon, including its gastronomic reputation and stunning architecture, there is now even more reason to visit this enchanting city. 

“Lyon is a city full of enchantment”

While The Straits Times praised the region’s gastronomy and its urban appeal, Lyon City Greeter Alexandre Jacques, praised France’s second largest city for its varying atmosphere in this article. Describing Lyon as “a city full of enchantment,” Jacques appears to have nothing but praise for this unique and culture-rich metropolis.

When asked to describe the city in three words, Jacques found it “difficult to describe a city full of life in just three words,” but when pressed said that it would have to be “charm, relaxation, and enjoyment” offering a description that is synonymous with the deluxe European river cruises that pass through this “enchanting” city.

With a range of emotions and atmospheres to experience whilst travelling through the city as a result of its lively population and distinctive architecture, it is no wonder that some newspapers are describing Lyon as ‘France’s bright spark’.

As the capital of the Rhone-Alpes region and situated at the heart of France, Lyon is just as much at the hub of French culture as the country’s capital. As such, it is seeing an influx of visitors hoping to get a taste of this special area and experience its unique character.

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