Hungary prepares for 22nd Budapest International Book Festival

Greatly anticipated due to the schedule of more than 400 events and the number of renowned authors attending from all over the world, the Budapest International Book Festival has plenty to entertain those with an interest in literature on Danube river cruises. The programme of activities includes concerts, movie screenings, stage productions and presentations from illustrators.

This year’s festival is focused on the past 220 years of Hungarian bibliographical culture, but will also feature this year’s star guest speaker, American writer Jonathan Franzen. The author will also receive the Budapest Grand Prize during a presentation on the opening day of the festival and will be introducing his self-biographical novel, named Discomfort Zone, to the public on the Saturday.

Guests can immerse themselves in literary talent

The fair is set to open later this week on the same day as the world day of the book and authors’ rights, which also coincides with the day that Shakespeare and Cervantes both died. More than thirty countries will be represented at the festival, with over fifty international writers expected to attend, alongside the 500 authors from Hungary.

The fair costs 500 Hungarian Forints (about £1.20), and this will be deductible from any books bought during the Budapest International Book Festival, which is the home of the world’s largest book store for four consecutive days.

Since the second festival, a different country has been celebrated at each event, with nearly all major European countries now having been hosted at the fair. This year’s festival will also celebrate the very special anniversary of the organised book trade in Hungary, which also turns 220 years old this year.

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