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How to see the best of Bratislava

Full of culture and history, Bratislava has all the ingredients needed for an amazing visit, with stunning sights and many activities to experience.


Bordering Austria and Hungary and occupying both sides of the famed Danube River, Bratislava has a long and colourful history that is evident in its architecture, museums and culture, having been influenced by a range of different societies over the years.



One aspect of Bratislava that particularly demonstrates this varied influence is the city’s architecture, which consists of a great range of rococo and baroque styles.


Some of the main attractions that bring people to the area were built in the baroque style, most notable of which are the city’s palaces. The current residence of the Slovak president, the Grassalkovich Palace which was built in 1760 for Count Antal Grassalkovich, is considered to be one of the most important structures in Bratislava.


Another highly regarded structure is the Bratislava Castle, which sits 85 metres above the Danube. This castle was also once in the baroque style but burnt down in 1811 and was rebuilt in its original Theresian style in the 1950s.


While the city’s architecture is all around and can easily be seen on foot by visitors as soon as they step off the plane at Bratislava airport, nothing beats experiencing the baroque design as you glide past it on a Danube river cruise through Bratislava and look up at the impressive castles and buildings towering above its waters.



In addition to the city’s impressive structural landscape, there are many other interesting attractions to explore should the Bratislava weather take a turn for the worst during your visit.


Enjoy one of the regular performances of ballet, opera or drama at The Slovak National Theatre, and admire its stunning architecture.


One of the most popular things to do in Bratislava is paying a visit to Bratislava Zoo, which continues to grow in popularity, with visitors and locals alike enjoying the nearly 150 different species which call it home. The white lion, white tiger, jaguar and Sri Lankan leopard can all be seen at the zoo, alongside the more expected highlights like giraffes and zebras.


Culture and history

There are a number of museums in Bratislava where visitors can find out more about the city’s culture and history.

The Slovak National Museum focuses on scientific research and holds the most extensive collection of artefacts in the Slovak Republic.


The Bratislava City Museum is a fine example of heritage in itself, having been built in 1868, with its headquarters situated in the Old Town area. Displaying information that illustrates the history of the city up until the 20th century, the museum is renowned for its work, and is the oldest museum to be in continuous operation in the whole of Slovakia.


The Natural Science Museum is another example of Bratislava’s culture, with exhibitions and artefacts to interest a wide audience. As a branch of the Slovak National Museum, the building focuses on the natural environment found throughout the country. Located close to the Danube River, this particular attraction makes for a perfect stop for those enjoying a river cruise that passes through the city.


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