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European cities are experiencing positive growth if the latest figures are to be believed. The 10th Edition of the European Cities Marketing Benchmarking found that there has been positive growth in the number of visitors coming to European cities in comparison with 2013, which in itself was a positive year for the European tourism trade.

France may have been known for its popularity with visitors worldwide for some time, with the likes of Paris and Bordeaux taking the spotlight, but one travel article has highlighted another rising star - that of France's eastern gem Lyon.


Many would think that after the closing game, the excitement of the Football World Cup would have died down, but in fact it would appear to be just beginning as Germany is expecting an influx of visitors after the win.

Smartphone apps have been used to make travelling easier for some time, but now, with the river cruise industry and app market both expanding, developers have been coming up with ingenious solutions to combine the two.

The latest figures for Viennese tourism are looking more positive than ever before as the city's reputation as a tourism hotspot spreads worldwide. The latest figures suggest that the visitor numbers for Vienna have hit a record high in the first half of 2014 alone.

A river cruise is an experience that no one wants to forget, so make sure you remember to pack your camera!
Emerald Waterways is making waves with cruise writer, blogger and photographer Aaron Saunders.
Prague is officially the 22nd most frequently visited city in the world. A survey from MasterCard has reported there to be a 400,000 visitor increase in the number of visitors the Czech capital received last year.
Leading travel reviews website TripAdvisor has launched new offline features for its smartphone app so that users can still use the app when there is no data connection.

Budapest's reputation precedes it as travellers from around the world come to the Hungarian capital to enjoy its mix of cultures and beautiful surroundings.

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