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Leona Lewis loves Lyon

National treasure and singing icon Leona Lewis has displayed her love of France’s Lyon, as she and her backing dancer boyfriend Dennis Jauch post photos and videos on social media of their romantic trip.

The two look to have been on a romantic city break in the area popular for couples’ river cruise holidays, taking numerous pictures and videos of their time in the city as well as of the incredible views they shared. Lyon has long been known for its romantic atmosphere as its architectural landmarks make up a stunning backdrop for couples’ holidays.

Street acts

In addition to its UNESCO World Heritage status, the city is also known for its culture as well as its historically significant buildings. This proved evident to Miss Lewis and her beau on their tour of Lyon as they felt moved to dance upon hearing accordion music being played by a lone talented street musician. The pair demonstrated just how Lyon, and indeed France, secured its reputation as a country of romance.

Leona Lewis, whose acting debut in film Walking on Sunshine is to premiere later this year, posted a video of this impulsive Lyon-inspired dance on her Instagram account, which can be viewed on YouTube here. The couples’ dancing talent to the backdrop of the accordion player demonstrates just how Lyon has managed to attract so many visitors to its pretty streets.

Other images from their trip include postings on Twitter of them both enjoying the beautiful view of the city from the top of a building, depicting Lyon’s status as the largest conurbation in France besides Paris, with views to match.

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