New art exhibition space now open in Brussels

La Patinoire Royale opened this spring and will be focusing on European fine arts and design from the second half of the 20th century, as envisioned by husband and wife team Philippe Austruy and renowned gallerist Valerie Bach. The exhibition projects will be curated by the team at La Patinoire Royale, and will sometimes invite international galleries to help provide historical themes.

An exhibition that represents a well-deserved acknowledgment of French artists

La RĂ©sistance des Images will be the first exhibition to be hosted at the gallery, which has been put together by the former French minister for culture and communication Jean-Jacques Aillagon. This will explore the Narrative Figuration movement of the 1960s, which was both deeply political and anti-establishment. More than 120 works will be on display until 31st July 2015 from over 20 different artists, such as Babou, ErrĂ³, Jean-Paul Chambas and Peter Klasen.

The couple acquired the complex in 2007, which was formerly one of the first ice skating rinks in Europe, hence its name. It has also previously been the home of a Bugatti garage and an exhibition space for collectable cars. The building was built in 1877 and lies in the heart of the trendy Saint-Gilles gallery district, which many visit when river cruising in Europe.

During 2011, the exhibition space was restored by John Paul Hermant Architecture, with the interior also refurbished by French interior designer Pierre Yovanovitch. The building itself was also declared a historical monument in 1995 due to its impressive metallic Polonceau structure, which is a wood and metal frame that would have been typical of this era.

There is also a building next door to La Patinoire Royale that houses a reception area, restaurant and garden, providing a variety of facilities for guests interested in the arts.

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