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New cat café to open in Amsterdam

More than €33,000 was donated by 975 enthusiastic funders in order to help the start-up of the Kopjes café, which was the idea of 31-year-old Lenny Popelier. Located in the Baarsjes district, west of the city centre, those in Amsterdam on European river cruises in 2015 will be able to visit the café and spend some time with the friendly felines.

Kopjes will be home to eight cats, which have been carefully selected from two of the city’s animal shelters and will be permanent residents at the café. For just €3, people attending the café can enjoy two hours of play, while also enjoying refreshments ranging from 'catuccinos' to pies and cake. Adapted to provide a suitable environment for the cats, with bedding and toys, the café will also create awareness of adoption.

Bringing the trend to Amsterdam

The cat café craze originally began in Taiwan in 1998 and has since caught on in other countries, with establishments opening in cities such as New York, London and Paris. Thousands of people now visit cat cafes daily, in order to enjoy a cup of tea and a cuddle with a cat, which is said to be a great stress reliever. The café is also beautifully decorated with a neutral colour scheme, which is perfect for spending an hour or two relaxing after exploring all that there is to see in Amsterdam’s bustling city centre.

Places at the café are limited to 20 people, but reservations can be made in order to avoid disappointment here. The café will open on the 22nd April, when cat lovers will unite to celebrate this exciting new venture in Amsterdam.

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