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New website hoping to lure classical tourists to Bratislava

Called Bratislava Goes Classical, it has been developed by the Bratislava Tourist Board (BTB) and it’s hoped to replicate the classical music heritage found in other cities across Europe – the most notable of which being the Austrian capital of Vienna.

As well as the website providing information on a host of performances taking place in the city, including operas, ballets, Philharmonic and chamber concerts, another key feature is the handy musical map which highlights all the key musical-related areas in the city. The website is also available in five different languages, meaning it can be of great use to those exploring the city on deluxe river cruises in Europe and other styles of holiday.

First collaboration between tourist board and cultural institutions

The website also marks the first collaboration between the BTB and leading cultural institutions in the city, such as the Slovak Philharmonic, Slovak National Theatre and organisers of other leading cultural festivals.

After the tourist board had the idea of unifying the presentation of the city’s musicality towards the thousands of visitors who explore the city every year, it became the task of project directors Martin Horváth and František Morong to create the perfect service for this need. When speaking about the project, Morong said: “The goal of this project is to create a collaboration of the crucial players in classical music in Bratislava, to define the system of mutual cooperation so that it can exist over the long term and be mutually favourable, while also increasing the amount of domestic and foreign tourism here.”

If you’re looking forward to a stop-off in Bratislava during a guided river cruise getaway with us, why not check out the website and discover the classical association of this great city for yourself?

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