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News > November 2014 > Europe's waterways attract New Zealanders

Europe's waterways attract New Zealanders

The article from New Zealand’s biggest news website,, highlighted their top 10 reasons to love travelling in Europe, with the waterways being held in high regard. Despite Europe taking ‘the best part of a day to fly to’ and being ‘a long, long way away’, the publication has highlighted just some of the many reasons river cruise holidays and tours are so popular in Europe.

Why do you love Europe?

In addition to celebrating Europe’s waterways, which ‘played a pivotal role in its development from Stone Age hinterland to the epicentre of the Industrial Revolution,’ ‘long before the advent of trains, planes and automobiles’, the article named European food, history and cities among the top reasons to explore the continent.

Naming Europe’s popular routes, including that of Vienna to Budapest on escorted Danube river cruises, the article celebrates how the land works with the river and canal systems in Europe and how some cities, such as Amsterdam, are synonymous with canals.

Other highlights talked about in the article include European gastronomy, which describes the appeal of ‘melt-in-your mouth croissants’ in France and the continent’s  passion for pubs, describing the Czech Republic as a ‘beer drinker’s heaven’.

The article asked readers to comment in answer to ‘why do you love Europe?’, and comment they did, with some praising ‘The festivals, the food, the beer the culture. All of which is worth getting away from conservative old New Zealand’ and others admiring the architecture and 15th century castles that are in abundance in this part of the world.

So why not make the most of the accessibility Britons have to Europe and speak with Emerald Waterways about the latest offers across the extensive European river cruise portfolio?

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This content was written by Angela Sloan. Please feel free to visit my Google+ Profile to read more stories.

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