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Nuremburg Christmas Market to return at weekend

The Christmas Market in Nuremburg is set to open this weekend, transforming the beautiful German city into a festive wonderland to provide an unforgettable experience for locals and visitors alike.


A city which is celebrated for its calendar packed full of cultural affairs, its Christkindlesmarkt is known all over the world, seeing around 180 stalls line the Hauptmarket Square and adjoining streets in the old quarter. 


The start of the market is to be marked by a lavish opening ceremony at 5.30pm on Friday 29th November, with the Nuremburg Christkind continuing the generation-old tradition of switching on the 1,000 or so lights which illuminate the night sky. Recognisable for her long blonde curly hair and golden white gown, you can still see the Christkind every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday at 3pm at the Christkind-lesmarkt should you be unfortunate to miss the opening celebrations.


With the aforementioned stalls festooned in traditional red and white cloths, you can find anything from hand-crafted Christmas ornaments and candles to toys here - all of which could pose as perfect festive gifts for friends and family back home.


There are also plenty of traditional refreshments to enjoy, with the delicious oriental spices of Nuremburg gingerbread joining spiced pork sausage and mulled wine to create a taste sensation for all who attend.


A great highlight of the Chrisikindlesmarkt is the Lantern Procession to the castle. Scheduled for 12th December from 5.30pm, it features over 1,300 children carrying hand crafted lanterns through the market and up to the iconic Nuremburg Castle – a magical and unforgettable experience.


Continuing until Christmas Eve, the market offers the perfect chance to get into the true spirit of the festive period during your European river cruise holidays. Opening times are between 10am and 9pm, except on Christmas Eve where the hours are shortened to 10am – 2pm. You can find out more information about this fantastic event by clicking here.


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