ParisÕ MusŽe d'Orsay to loan 130 artworks to Vienna

Curated by Werner Spies, who was previously the Director of the Musée national d’art modern, the exhibition includes both masterpieces and lesser known works that he personally found attractive. There are pastels by Edgar Degas and Georges Seurat, watercolours by Paul Cézanne, and gouaches by Honoré Daumier and Gustave Moreau, which all display the richness of France’s 19th century art history.

A variety of artistic movements are encompassed in the exhibition, such as Realist, Impressionist, Symbolist and Pointillist, with artworks representing subjects from landscapes to dancers and battles. Accompanying these artworks will also be a catalogue of personal essays, written by a number of artists, writers, architects and filmmakers, who give their own interpretations of the individual paintings and drawings.

Described as ‘a dream archive’

The artworks have been donated in order for the collection to get the attention it deserves, as currently the lack of space at the Musée d'Orsay means that many of the 67,000 drawings at the institution are shown on a time constraint basis. Those visiting Vienna on river cruising holidays in Europe will now be able to see a selection of the fantastic artworks that the Musée d'Orsay is so famous for.

Director of the Albertina Museum in Vienna expressed his delight at being chosen to host the collection, which he described as ‘treasures of this museum’. He also suggested the artworks filled a significant void at the Albertina, which currently has a variety of exhibitions including Monet to Picasso and Birgit Graschopf.

The exhibition opened on 30th January and will remain open to the public until 3rd May, where visitors can experience ‘a broad panorama of the French art of drawing’.

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