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Postcard apps top travel app charts

The German millionaire, who has resided in Monaco for the past 15 years, has developed blipcard, an app that is said to be transforming summer river cruise holidays and travel this year. The new, popular app works by allowing the user to create and send a postcard anywhere in the world from their smartphone.

Reviving a tradition

Despite Emerald Waterways already reporting on a similar app, Touchnote, in our article on the best apps for river cruises right now, the alternative blipcard app is making headlines at the moment for its sheer popularity. While the blipcard app is taking App Store by storm, with over 2,500 likes on Facebook, it is still only available for iPhone, whereas Touchnote can be used on any Android or Apple device via download through either the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Both apps allow users to turn any image that they take during their Rhine river cruises in 2014 and then send the image as a postcard, directly from the app. Both apps are free to download, and postcard prices start from an incredibly low price, meaning that river cruise guests can now send an original and personal postcard back home that completely sums up their trip. Why would you ever choose a generic card from the local newsagents again?

With complimentary iPad use available in the Emerald Waterways Owner’s One-bedroom Suite, apps for river cruises have never been more useful, and while the information and services available to guests are exceptional, apps can certainly add something extra to your holiday.

Image Credit: Denys Prykhodov (shutterstock.com)

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