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Preparations for Art Cologne get underway

The event is set to involve around 200 international galleries showcasing works of art at the event and will feature works across all mediums, from paintings and prints to video and performance art. 

The history

The event is highly popular with international visitors who visit the city whilst on a river cruise holiday through Europe, and having started in 1967, its well-established reputation makes it a great event for all manner of art appreciators whether they are acclaimed critics or amateur painters. The launch of the event in the September of 1967 had a significant impact on the art market, as it brought the art scene to the attention of a far wider audience.

The art fair has an even larger reach today and continues to bring artists and galleries to the attention of the greater art world. With contemporary River Rhine cruises becoming increasingly popular with art enthusiasts overseas, the art fair has reached the attention of those who may not necessarily have explored the German art scene otherwise.

The art fair has continued to play an imperative part in the development of the international art market and has influenced the formation of later art-market developments. For this reason, the 2014 event is set to become even larger as visitors explore Cologne’s burgeoning art scene. With many other art attractions for the international visitor to enjoy, such as the praised Ludwig Museum – which is home to works by the likes of Picasso and Warhol - Cologne’s popularity is sure to grow again this April.

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