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Revamped Bucharest National Theatre inaugurated

A popular attraction with tourists, including those on cruises of the river Danube, the renovation of the theatre will be welcomed by those looking to visit in the near future. The Prime Minister Victor Ponta attended the inauguration, alongside several politicians and the institution’s management.

The modernisation of the building is expected to have cost in the region of €60 million, and was undertaken in order to strengthen the building against earthquakes, as well as helping the theatre become a complex cultural centre for the capital city. The building’s Great Hall has now regained its original shape and is expected to begin hosting shows in the spring, with the first set to be directed by Dan Puric.

The renovations have seen the theatre develop a new motto, ‘a new theatre for a new public – a multi-valent cultural vocation’, which should attract even more visitors to the capital city, such as those on river cruises with Emerald Waterways.

Further works to be completed by spring

There will be more works taking place by the constructor at the end of November for three months, which will see the building gain four new auditoriums. Of the seven in total, one of these is to be located on the roof for summer performances, while the other is expected to host shows dedicated to a younger audience. As well as the new stages, the building will also include facilities such as a cafeteria, large bookshop, art gallery and smaller halls for those looking to host events at the theatre.

The National Theatre in Bucharest has been in existence for more than 160 years and has seen numerous actors perform on its stages throughout its history.

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