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River cruising stronger than ever

With superb all-inclusive packages as standard and inspiring itineraries with every cruise, it is little wonder that river cruises are being snapped up months in advance. As a result, online travel deal company, Travelzoo, has released a new dedicated river cruise section on their website to cater for the burgeoning market. Advertising couples Danube river cruises and those across Europe from some of the best tour operators, the website is hoping to capitalise on this expanding market.

A growing sector

With the expanding nature of the river cruise market, it is one no longer considered as niche as it once was and is opening up to all tastes and clientele. Many tour operators today offer a varied range of river cruises with full and interesting itineraries to cater for all guests.

Travelzoo said of the new section on their website that now is the right time to create such a page. The sector continues to gain momentum and with new river cruise lines taking to the water this year, such as Emerald Waterways, they were looking to get on board with the action.

There has been much hype about new river cruises taking to European waters and with technological advances in ships and new itineraries better catering for the needs and wants of this clientele, European river cruising is expected to continue to grow in the coming years.

Emerald Waterways launched this year as the first new river cruise line to take to European waters in six years. With innovative designs and fantastic service aboard their new ships, Emerald Waterways is looking to set the standard for river cruising of the future.

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