Secret bunker opens as a museum in Prague

With the bunker museum opening last week, visitors from all over the country and abroad are expected to come and see one of the most authentic and astonishing examples of history from this time.

The bunker will be available to visit with advanced booking so if you are travelling to the area for a short period during tours and river cruises in Europe or a city break is worth looking in advance. Guided tours are available between 5pm and 8pm Tuesdays and Thursdays on even weeks with the same allotted time for Mondays and Wednesday on odd weeks. There is a reasonable entry fee of CZK 75 and while the tours are in Czech you can opt to have texts in English.

Located in one of the prime areas used during the war in Prague at Wencaslas Square the bunker was created to provide shelter for Communist Party members and military officials should a nuclear attack have occurred. The concealed nuclear fallout shelter is 500 square meters in size and holds some original equipment used during this time such as a switchboard and a tape recorder.

As well as having walls two meters thick the bunker had its own ventilation system and water tank that could potentially have helped over a 150 people survive. You can watch a preview of the shelter on YouTube where you can see the remarkable revival of this piece of Prague history. Depicting old tunnels and what life would have been like for these nuclear disaster escapees should such an attack have taken place the bunker museum highlights the severity of this period.

The first part of this Iron Curtain museum was opened to the public in November, so be sure to book early to avoid the surge of popularity its opening is set to bring.

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